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I am a self-taught, Harlem raised artist, born in Virginia Beach, Virginia. My passion for art began at the young age of 5. 


Art is where I breathe freely and relax while painting with each stroke of a brush. I strive to evoke a feeling of self-love, empowerment and positivity through each creation. 


I studied at Clark Atlanta University, the City College of New York and I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising Management at The Fashion Institute of Technology. I have two amazing sons from a previous marriage.


I choose to project bold, vibrant colors and images throughout my artwork with my love for gold leaf, mystical and majestic surrealism, black love and abstract art filled with shapes, textures and colors. 

Much love,


Krissy and Golden Motherland.JPG


Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia  and raised in Harlem, New York, I’ve always had a love for art. Since I can remember, drawing and painting allowed me to use my imagination to create whatever I wanted to see, with just the stroke of a pencil or paint brush. 


My paintings are a reflection of my love for vibrant colors, distinctive shapes and asymmetrical designs. Through my creations, I strive to display a love of cultural awareness, acceptance and pride.  


I graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta, GA, in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree of Art in Sociology/Anthropology. My husband and I live in Harlem, NY with our 2 daughters.  I have over 12 years experience in Adult Education within the non-for-profit sector with over 5 years of managerial experience. I am have been a mortgage loan officer since December 2020.

I hope my pieces will inspire you all to look at art and the world in new and uplifting ways.  

Peace & love,



Kendel bio pic.jpg

Creating an acrylic pour for Kristen's home

Finished Gold & Silver acrylic pour 

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